We have always been chai lovers in a multiple cup per sitting sort of way.

And not just sitting in our big red couch – we love drinking chai on mossy logs, cliff tops, sandy beaches, and sprawled on picnic blankets.

A few years back we came across honey soaked chai. Instantly we tasted the difference… more lively, a rich depth of flavour and it looked great too. But we still felt we could get closer to chai perfection.

So we started to play with this new honey soaking method using different spice blends, stone grinding them to different sizes, sampling the very best teas and adding fresh ingredients.

We have been refining recipes for a few years now and have some very fine chai being brewed at our place. So fine in fact that our friends encouraged us to give up our Physio, Yoga and Pilates careers for the greater good and share our chai with the world.

We have settled on five blends to share with you, that we would happily choose as partners on a deserted island.

We hope you enjoy your next humble cup of chai with someone or somewhere that inspires you.

Adam & Claire