In our whole range, we say a big YES to…


Instant coffee and freshly roasted coffee are both called coffee right? Well the same goes for Chai.

You’d be surprised how many ‘spiced chai teas’ have numbers, flavours (no actual spices), powders, and loads of sugar. No hot milkshakes please!

We start with the freshest 100% Organic Fairtrade whole spices, stone grind them to release the aroma and flavor, then preserve the full vibrant flavour of the spices in local organic raw honey.  Add organic long leaf tea leaves and either warming ginger, rich Daintree cacao or whole vanilla bean pieces and the result is a sticky, delectable concoction with a flavour that just gets better and better the longer it sits.

Our chai definitely has..

  • NO numbers  
  • NO flavours
  • NO powders
  • NO sugar
  • NO junk!